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Entoma, insects in a different way​

ENTOMA is a french company specialized in the creation and commercialisation of products with edible insects for the european market.


Edible insects constitute a huge source of proteins and is widely underexploited in an economy which will know a dramatic rise of the prices of animal meat in the coming years. Entoma develops products and services destinated to the professionnals and the private persons, and therefore values insects by aiming at their integration in human food consumption.

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About 2,5 billion people consume edible insects regularly, mainly in Asia, Africa and Latin America, but did you know that this culinary practice was also present in Europe?

In any sizes, colors or forms, insects constitute more than 70 % of the ground biomass today and could bring concrete solutions to the big environmental, economic and human problems of our century.

Professional, private person, curious or expert, contact us! Entoma works in association with experts in numerous activity fields, and attaches importance to the exchange of ideas, suggestions or questions.

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