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Entoma's activities : 3 complementary activities

Products development

Entoma is currently developping a range of products with edible insects adapted to the specificities of the French market, both from the organoleptic and the marketing point of view. The respect for the general standards of the food-processing industry is also part of the Entoma's objectives, who works with recognized partners.

Commercialization and distribution

Entoma develops partnerships with retailers who will be the first to offer products with edible insects to the public. The implementation of commercial strategies aiming at educating and reassuring the populations represents an important strategic stake, which only long-term relations will allow to concretize.

Adapted solutions for professionnals

Entoma offers personalized solutions to the professionnals, from raw material supply to the support of projects, with the aim of becoming a long-lasting partner of the development of the edible insect market in France and in Europe.

For the best development of its activities, Entoma surrounds itself with reliable partners, meet them here

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