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Entomophagy : the whys and wherefores

Entomo... What?

Why eating insects?

How to eat insects

Entomophagy is the technical term referring to eating insects. It is a wide-spread custom in the world: more than 2 billion human beings eat insects every day, in 80% of the countries of the world. In Africa, Asia and Latin America, it is an entire gastronomic culture that built itself around the insect.

Insect breeding is both fast and good for the environment. Insects are a good source of proteins and vitamins and are also low-fat, which is why they are excellent healthy ingredients! Last but not least, their delicious taste similar to hazelnut. If more than two billion people eat them everyday, it is not necessary because of food precarity... But because it is delicious!

Today in Europe, numerous restaurants open to introduce the most adventurous to the entomophagy. In France, some websites offer to taste their products with edible insects. How about trying Jimini's snack range with locust and mealworm?

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